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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Welcome All !

Welcome to this exciting new project ...

Diving into 20th Century Corps-Level gaming in 2mm scale as a side project.

Developing a compact, fast flowing gaming system aimed primarily at WW2 Eastern Front for use with 2mm Pico Armour. (1/600th scale).

Painting Armies, building terrain .. and developing a freely available set of rules for gaming this period.

All ideas shamelessly copied from other similar rules - KISS Rommel, Hurrah Stalino, Pz8, etc.

Fight Multi-Day battles with several Divisions of troops per side, at a scale of 1 base represents 1 battalion (approx). Uses an innovative command and control system that is simple in concept, but challenging to master.

2 Levels of command, with PIP based activation.

Corps level command - sets Divisional orders at the start of day, and has it's own reserve of Corps PIPs/
Divisional level command - DHQ moves during the day, in accordance with orders, but has it's own pool of PIPs to extend those orders if and when required.

Comprehensive combat resolution engine that uses familiar gaming mechanics - simple to pick up and understand, consistent in their approach, and only requires 1 small Quick Reference Sheet and a D10.

Uses a simple but effective morale and troop grade system that requires zero paperwork. Better grade troops are not superhuman, they are instead far more resilient over the course of a longer battle. Using the KISS Rommel approach, defeated battalions are deemed to be 'dispersed', and can be collected together and put back into battle by HQ units during each day.

Games are fast flowing,  with emphasis on the following :
- Player involvement : planning orders for the day is critical.
- Combined arms are essential for success.
- Tanks are very powerful, but almost useless if left on their own.
- Artillery is essential, but artillery support is integrated into the combat engine as a supporting arm of the main assault or defending force.
- Divisions are subordinate to Corps command - they are restricted in their actions and reactions depending on Corps level orders. Divisional PIPs allow for some initiative and flexibility in Divisional commands.

Aimed at providing a playable game for the middle of the 20th Century - massive battles on the Eastern Front of WW2. However the core of the game system is general purpose enough to be adapted to the following, with only supplimental data added to the types of units involved, and the OOBs to cover :

Russo Japanese War, The Great War of 1914-1918, Interwar years .. period of revolutions and civil wars.  WW2. Post war major conflicts, including Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Cold War hypothetical battles.

As the core rules are set on the Eastern Front of WW2, consideration is taken of the effects of partizan actions on the Grand Tactical scale. As this is already covered in some detail, the core rules are easily adaptable for Post Cold War assymetric warfare - Middle East, Afghanistan, Africa, Balkans, Imaginary 20th C nations and conflicts, etc.

And best of all .... the gaming system is freely available under a creative commons license, and will always remain so.

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