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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

German Infantry 1939

Regiment of the Day

More O8s for the troop experiment. Some Germans to match up with the Polish troops.

Again, I am ridiculously impressed with these figures. Cant say it enough - Simply Awesome !  is the best description I can think of.

Ordered these through http://www.fighting15sshop.co.uk/  - good prices, cheap shipping costs, and quick delivery. They had them in stock, so it is always good to have a reliable supplier for your next fix.  Recommended people to deal with.

On to the miniatures :

3 Battalions of German infantry move in to assaultt a city sector.

Fire support for the assault is provided by a 150mm Infantry Gun battery, and an MG34 company in Sustained Fire role.

A battery of 105's (a little too close to the action for comfort) provides the preliminary bombardment on the City Sector prior to the assault.

The 105 battery, with Opel Blitz transport. The detail on these guns is simply amazing. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Something lurks on the defending side in the City Sector. This is a base of 2mm irregular infantry on a gently textured base. 

Whilst the 2mm irregular figures are actually 50% smaller in scale than the O8 figures ... a lot of detail is lost in ther shrinking process. (ie - 1/900 for the irregular figures vs 1/600 for the O8 figures.)  

They do make a perfectly good representation of troops in foxholes though. No need to sell them off - I will use them here and there instead.

150mm Infantry Gun for fire support for the infantry. Mostly used in the 'Early War' period, and gradually replaced by Mortars. In my rules, they function pretty much the same as Mortars.

By the way - I dont really enjoy seeing the terms 'Early War / Late War', etc.  It is, in my opinion, a horribly anglo-centric view on the overall conflict. Given that fighting broke out in the disputed Oberschleissen region in 1919 (see Wikipedia - Silesian Uprisings for more details), and continued in one form or another right up to well past the official end of  'WW2', I personally subscribe to the viewpoint that we are looking at a long protracted European war that consumed the whole of the first half of the 20th Century.

Enough ranting from me :)   Back to the figures.

Closer view of the German Infantry.

These are clearly German Infantry - belt fed machine guns, MP40  on the squad commander is clearly sculpted, gas mask cannisters are all there, and the boots are clearly marked as well. Unbelievably good figures these are.

I need more practice with the camera. Its not the best or newest camera in the world, but it does have a huge number of unexplored features.

Ah - for more rainy days ! No shortage of things to do and things to study.

Oh - the figures .... The Opel is brilliantly rended, just have a look at the canvas cover on the thing, and the running boards, mudguards and headlights. Staggering !

MG34 on a tripod for sustained fire support. The tripod is correctly proportioned, and even the recoil buffer and mounting rails are separately visible. Completely crazy little miniatures !

Another shot of the infantry squad. Rifles - I have painted the stocks in a light wood tone, and dry brushed the breeches and muzzles in gunmetal.

It is hard to see in these shots, but I managed to put in a hint of should boards in very light gray, and a tiny flash of white on the side of the helmet for the national decal. It can be done after all !

Another shot of the 105 battery. The sculpting is too good to be true - I am starting to assume that they are created using 3D computer modelling and the masters rendered on a 3D printer.

I fail to see how this level of detail and correct proportions is even remotely possible with a human hand at this scale. Either way - they are true masterworks worthy of collection.

Looking again at the use of flocking on the bases - you can get away with quite intricate flora without overwhelming the miniatures at all. Love it.

3 Battalions + fire support make the move towards the defended City Sector.

Another gratuitous photo opp.

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