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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Polish Infantry Regiment

Regiment of the Day

Continuing the troop experiment, I will have a go with some of my newly arrived Oddzial Ozzmy (O8) figures today.

Put together a few bases of 1939 Polish infantry to see how the O8 stuff stacks up against the 2mm Irregular units.

One word - WOW !

I am impressed, I think the word 'awesome' is overused in the English language these days, however I have to say it - these O8 figures are Simply Awesome !

3 Battalions of Polish infantry.

I was a bit cynical when I saw the O8 catalog had separate infantry figures for each different nation. I assumed that these would be the same figure, just labelled differently for packaging. Not So !

Each nation has distinctly different figures, and the details such as helmets, weapons, backpacks, equipment and even boots and gaiters are all there ready for the paintbrush. Incredibly impressive work !

Size-wise, the actual figures are closer to 4mm than 3mm .. but no complaints here. Going any smaller than 4mm I think would be impossible to detail this level of quality.  This size is beyond perfect.

With this size figure, it is possible to pick out faces, and use a different shade of  colour for the helmet as well. No problems texturing the base and adding a little flock - these details do not overwhelm the figures themselves.

Though teeny weeny, they clearly look like infantry, and Polish infantry at that.

You can see here that there is enough detail to pick out both the backpack, and the greatcoat roll over the backback.

You cannot see individual gaiters on this shot - by they are there on the figure. Its actually quite difficult to photo in this scale.

Another poorly focused example ... main point with this shot is to show that a little bit of shrubbery fits in really well with these figures.

More eye candy. Very happy I tried these .. still mighty impressed here.

For battlefield necessity, I have gone for a simple labelling scheme on the side of the base for these.

National flag on the left, Divisional number on the right, plus a colour flash to denote the type of unit. I am using green as a the Waffenfarbe for Infantry.

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